Over ear headphones

Over ear headphones

This is a page which, in a way will give you somewhat more overviewing info about over ear headphones than any other pages out there. The goal I have is to mention about the best over ear headphones on the market, in some various aspects, as for each type of headphones within various price levels. The method is to analyze reviews from many sources.

There is a very established difference between over the ear headphones and in the ear headphones. Over the ear are great to use when there is surrounding noise that can interfere with your listening to music or watch a movie. They give you the possibility of isolating your ears from foreign sounds and create a totally silent ambiance for your music or whatever it is you are listening to. These headphones produce excellent stereo sounds and some of them have a surround system effect which makes them sound quite unbelievable.

They are also great to use when there are other people around. This is because they not only keep outside noise away from your ears but they keep your sound away from the people around you too. This means your wife can be sleeping beside you and you can have the volume full blast on the headphones and she will not hear a thing. This can be great so as not to bother people around you. But it may put you in an awkward position too, you can’t hear the phone ring or the door bell either.  In fact, your neighbor can blow himself up with the gas stove and all you will feel is a shudder!headphones, best headphones

Over the ear headphones with surround system are the best. They have several different size speakers inside the cup with one or two main speakers in the middle. When sounds have different pitches or loudness they are heard in a different speaker within the headphones. They work exactly as a home theater in your living room except that the whole performance is inside the headphones. These are great to watch music videos with because of their diversity of the sound movements and tones.

The ear piece comes in different sizes so check several models before buying them. You don’t want them to fit over your ear and into your face and hair line. Maybe you may want the headphones to fit exactly on top of your ear so the speakers will be located where they should be to produce the desired surround or stereo effect. You can get them in wireless models which make them an even better purchase. They will give you independence and mobility around the house or apartment. Most of the wireless models will give you about a fifty-foot radius from the transmitter for you to still get a clear signal.

Most of them have several pieces that can be adjusted to fit exactly and comfortably on your head. They will come closer together to give you a tighter fit on the head and the individual head phones will also come up closer to the head gear so they will fit people with long or short faces. The ear pieces are generally the same size, large, medium and small. Make sure you buy the cushioned type, they muffle the outside sounds better and fit nice and comfortably in your ear.

Before rushing to buy read this first!!!

I have been learning a lot about sound and audio so I have the knowledge I could share. I thought I would do a page about full size over ear headphones. Give you the useful information and recommendations in a way which you don’t see elsewhere. The score values I use in the tables below are from Amazon reviews because there are many of them there. When people choose ratings for headphones, they are probably set related to what is expected to the cost level for the over ear headphones so have that in mind.

white headphoneI believe that some people may give too good ratings because they want to justify their purchase, self-psychologically, 5 would be perfect and there are no perfect sounding headphones. So, for better headphones, people choose high reviews(4 or5 stars). However, I know there are many headphones that aren’t that good alone (without equalizer). But still, some people rate them as the best anyway. But for very good headphones, however, it is interesting to see how many low ratings (that is 1,2 or 3 stars) there are. If there is the same complaint by those who set lower values, it suggests that the complaints may be because of a general circumstance. So, for headphone models with a high average score and many reviews, it can be useful to read these low scored reviews too. This makes you choose if or not to buy.

I’d say that at least about 20 reviews are needed in order to get a somewhat accurate picture for a headphones-model, but for a more reliable picture, more reviews are needed.

Why over ear?

Using headphones is different in many ways that using stereo speakers or studio monitors.

  1. If musicians located with distances in a larger room, there is a sound delay between. 5 meter means about 15mS delay which can affect timing and synchronization. However, that natural time difference can also bring width to the sound.
  2. When music or sound is listened to from well-designed speakers or monitors, its lowest frequencies under 50 Hz, can also be felt with the body. With full size, circumaural over ear headphones, there is no such body- feeling or perception except for, on the ears.
    There are in-ear headphones, on ear headphones, and over ear headphones. In-ear headphones may have good sound, but are totally dry, there is no sound “feeling” on the ears. Could be a little with smaller on-ear headphones, but not as full-size headphones.
  3. There is an important thing to know about over ear headphones. If headphones with a poor bass reproduction are used. The listener may want to adjust the loudness, and then, to increase the sound level to compensate for the missing bass-low-frequency-loudness. It means that the sound with less or no lows, but mid and high frequencies, would get a higher level, than sounds with also low bass frequencies are heard. This is not good, because higher levels of sound in higher frequency regions may increase the risk of hearing loss. So don’t use headphones with a bad bass reproduction.

I encourage you to read about hearing protection guidelines



The main reasons for choosing over ear full-size headphones are given. To get as good and healthy sound as possible.

Over ear headphone types
green white headphones

So there are some concerns about choosing which one. Things which matter is the sound characters for the purpose, weight, comfort and of course, open or closed or something in-between.

Open back headphones

These are the kind of headphones which you will hear outside sounds. Also, people around will hear what you are listening as well.

They are good headphones if;
– Maybe you are in a silent place so nothing may bother you anyway.
– If at home with your partner, family or others and you are in a separate room so they don’t hear or hear only little what you are playing. And you want to hear if they say something and because you are only going to use the headphones for casual listening.
– You are used to open headphones or you just want it because you prefer the openness.
– Or, you already have a pair of closed headphones and now you want a closed pair to complement the open.



Closed back headphones

Sometimes also called sealed. These have little or more noise attenuation. You will hear less of outside sounds and other people around you won’t hear what you are playing as well. Closed back headphones may not cancel out noise as well as those with noise canceling may do. Besides, the noise canceling electronics may interfere with the overall sound so those are not intended for critical or reference studio recording.

They are good headphones if;
– In a more crowded noisy area or in a library where you mustn’t disturb other people.
– Someone else or others don’t want to hear what you are playing.
– If you’re a musician and you record tracks while listening to earlier tracks at the same time. The earlier tracks played in the headphones should preferably not “spill” and be heard outside so it is picked up and recorded on to the new tracks.
–  Also used to closed headphones.
– You already have a pair of open headphones and now you want an open pair to complement the closed.


You’re probably fed up with reading about this and that. So get to grips with the subject, which one? I don’t know, but I’ll try to include those that seem to get the best reviews.


Best over ear headphones – selection criteria’s

Prices vary a lot even for the same features, so do not go out and buy over ear headphones that are really expensive, first try the cheap ones and you will see that the difference in sound is minimal even when the difference in dollars is great.


Stereo Wireless Headphones

wireless headphones
Stereo wireless headphones have arrived to solve one of the marriage’s biggest bedroom problems. Before they were around. A couple could not watch two movies or different television shows at the same time while in bed. The wiring going from the bed to wherever the equipment was would have been cumbersome and ugly. Today it is possible to lie in bed and watch separate television channels or listen to music comfortably and without interfering with each other.

The same applies to your kids trying to do different things at the same time in the same room with a stereo and a television. Both kids would not be able to enjoy what they want. Neither of them will listen to you either while they try to make their music or television louder than that of the competition. It can be an ear shattering experience where everybody loses. A couple of over ear headphones sets would bring peace and quiet to everyone in the room including you.

Stereo wireless headphones are effective without any distortion for up to somewhere near one hundred feet. These are of course normal electronics store headphones. You can find highly sophisticated and expensive headphones that will give you a perfect clear sound up to two hundred and fifty feet. Some of them, built especially for home use have complete covers for the ears. They will muffle outside sounds and interference completely.

This may sound great, but in fact, it may not be because you do not want to shut yourself off completely from your surroundings either. You want to be able to listen to your program comfortably. But still be in contact with the world around you. Your phone may be ringing with an emergency situation or someone may be at your door with a million dollar check! So it is not a good idea to completely remove yourself from the sounds around you.
new headphone

When several wireless headphone sets will be used in the same room or general area in your house or office. Make sure that does not work on the same frequency. If they do you may find yourself listening to something you don’t want to listen to.  You may have one program getting interference from the other. It would be a good idea to buy the same quality of headphones but from a different brand. Even then, make sure they operate on separate frequencies.

The quality of wireless headphones is not measured by the distance over which they work though. It is measured by the quality of the sound they produced when at their farthest distance from the source. Good over ear headphones will give you good quality sound at a maximum distance through walls and ceilings and floors.

A good set of stereo wireless headphones will almost double its normal range when the signal is out in the open. Like for example on the beach, you should be able to turn the music on at the house and listen to it on your headphones one hundred and fifty feet away with your feet in the water.

Jogging Headphones

jogging headphones
Jogging is a sport and way of exercise that will never disappear; these type of headphones will give it style and glamor. It is nice to go to the park for exercise and bring along your iPod or another music device. Jogging headphones are specially designed to hang from your ear. Much in the same way a Bluetooth phone hangs from them. They will usually cover the inside of your ear completely. This makes the sound to be concentrated and you can appreciate it even when running fast.

When buying a pair of headphones do not buy the type that has the hard band between the ear pieces. You can easily stumble and hurt yourself with them. It is better, and lighter, to buy the ones that hang from your ear. The once which only have the thin wires going down towards the connector. The wire type will allow you to wear the wires towards your back or in the front; the stiff models can only be worn in front.

Always be sure when jogging on the street that you can actually hear what is going on around you. It can be very easy to get run over by a car if you are concentrating on your music instead of your surroundings. Security must always be your main concern and not the music or the actual exercise you are doing. If you are in a closed environment, like a track or running facility for example, then it would be fine.

These headphones are called jogging headphones but they can be used while doing any sport. In fact, some manufacturers have made them waterproof. They are connected to a water proof pouch where the iPod is placed so you can listen to music while swimming. They are excellent to use while in the gym spinning or lifting weights.
Waterproof headphones

I have used them while biking and hiking in the mountains and they work beautifully. Just make sure you are not hiking in mountains with bears or other animals who will hear your music while you cannot see or hear them. These headphones are rugged and designed to take some punishment. But, they are still delicate electronic equipment and they could be damaged if they take the excessive wear and tear. Special care must be taken when swinging your arms near the thin connecting wires. This is because they are fragile and if you break either of them you will lose a lot of sound quality.

Anyway if you are going to exercise and get in shape. There is nothing better to do it listening to your favorite tunes. Some people use motivational messages and speeches while they exercise which spurs them on. Whatever you like to listen to with your jogging headphone. It is fine with everybody else, as long as it helps you to enjoy your workout.

Volume Control Headphones

volume control headphonesVolume control headphones are a great option when you are not watching a specific channel or movie. Many channels are not set on the same volume back in the studio and you may find yourself listening to many different volumes. Headphones with volume control will allow you to listen to your music at exactly the volume you want to. Some of them have tone controls too. People like to listen to things in different volumes and tones; it is a matter of taste or of hearing problems.

If you are planning on buying a set of over ear headphones, we recommend that you buy a good set that can serve many purposes at once. You have several options in which to use head phones. Of course, you can plug them into the stereo to listen to music; you can plug them into your television set to watch movies or shows while other people are doing other things around you. You can also use them on your computer. These are three options you have at home and one set of headphones should cover them all.

The first thing to take into account when buying them is noise control. You have to make sure they will keep the sound in, only audible for the person using them, and the surrounding noises out too. The second thing that is important is that the head set and earphones are adjustable to different sizes so other people can also use them comfortably. Another point to keep in mind is the length of the cord; you should consider a wireless set for convenience and easy movement and circulation. A set of wireless headphones is a potent piece of equipment. They can emit a clear signal for fifty feet or even a hundred feet without interference or distortion.

You must also be able to control the volume of your headphones. Controlling volume and sometimes tone allow you to listen to music on your own terms and the way you like it without bothering other people around you. Headphones with volume control can be found both in wireless equipment and normal headphones with cords. When using this gear with your computer you should take into account that you possibly need of your headphone set to have a microphone on it.

You will need a microphone to speak over the internet and to answer your phone without leaving your seat to get it. The volume for the headphones and the microphone should be included in the same apparatus. This is very practical for someone who spends time on the computer; they can do almost everything they need to communicate with others without leaving the computer. Volume control headphones are useful. They have some additional features they are great tools for enjoyment and work too. When buying a pair choose wisely. You will not need to buy another set later on for other purposes. A good set of over ear headphones can cover all your needs.