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When it comes to products or skills or testing one object or item against another, many people tend to provide all the contestants or competitors with an equal test. One test that is to be carried out by every single individual or item participating or being graded may seem perfectly reasonable. In fact, it may seem fair and unprejudiced as all participants have an equal opportunity of displaying their skills and features. But if you look at it from a different perspective, look at it from outside the box, you shall realize that this is not the perfect way to test a group of individuals or items.


It is just as the mundane example of testing a group of zoo animals and asking the elephant, the owl, the leopard and the hippo to demonstrate their skills of being able to climb a tree. And so as to ensure that they have understood the instructions clearly, you add that it is a fair and reasonable testing method as it ensures that everyone gets a try and opportunity. This was a situation viewed from a certain standpoint-but now let us avert our gaze to the core of the matter. Best earphones? Which ones truly are the best?


There over a hundred, if not a thousand competing companies of gadgets and applications that design and manufacture earphones and later to market and distribute them too. But what is it that makes one brand rise above the other or one type of earphones more popular than another? With the prior situation outlined and here is to hope, it is still etched in your conscious mind, let me introduce you to a number of means of testing earphones and finding out which is the best!


Your eyes may catch different physical features of the product you are about to go for. But, before looking at a pair of earphones and judging whether they are going to suit you best, you need to understand the gadget with which you need to use the earphones. Just as you need to try on a dress before labeling it as the best, same is the case here. Different gadgets employ different ones-these include mobile phones, laptops, desktops and other smart phones. Hardly is there a case that the same headphone is being used by two different machines. If you wish to concentrate on the noise canceling factor, you shall need to purchase a specific type of earphone. If you are concerned about the noise isolation feature, then again you shall need to buy another set of earphones. Also if your number one priority is sound quality, still you shall require separate type of earphones

So as you can see, judging what the best earphones are, cannot solely be done by trying out or testing the pair of earphones with simply any gadget. You need to purchase specific types of earphones with the gadget with which you shall use it in mind, and it shall be then only that you will be able to judge better.

Noise Canceling Earphones:

noise isolating earphones
Many a time when traveling on airplanes we have cursed the engine noise. The constant humming sound of the engine prevents us from sleeping or listening to our favorite music. The solution to this teething problem lies in noise canceling earphones. Many companies across the globe like Shure and Bose have their products in this segment. Let us try to find out how this equipment works and why it is so important for us to use it on travel. The physics behind this equipment seems not very complex now but it has taken companies years to develop this product. If you are traveling near the window try to put on the noise canceling earphone and you will surely feel the difference.


While scouring for a good noise canceling earphone, I found that the Bose QuietComfort 20 earphone from Bose to be a good buy. There are other similar products in the market which help the listener in completely isolating any external noise while listening to their favorite music or playing their favorite games. The material used in most of these products are oxygen free copper which helps in improved voice transmission. Digital earphones with reverse sound technology are also the choice of many music aficionados who use them with their phones or iPods. These earphones are being seen as a replacement for the conventional headphones that are commonly available in the market. The price of the digital quality earphones varies in a wide range. It can cost anything between $40 and $400.


The basic technology used in manufacturing these noise canceling earphones are very similar, producing a full soundstage which makes them good for listening to any kind of music. A great deal of research goes on continuously in improving the quality of the phones. Complex analysis is done on the sound waves using advanced software. This helps in filtering out the unwanted sounds. While buying a noise canceling earphone there are few parameters that we need to check. The first one would be the quality of sound and to what extent external noise is reduced. The second option would be to check out the price. There are quality headphones available from branded manufacturers which are available at a moderate price. The third criteria would definitely be the looks of the product. If all these three parameters are satisfied it would make good sense to go ahead and buy the product.

Noise Canceling Earphones

Noise canceling headphones have been on the market for quite some time. However, the price is a factor which prevents mass consumption of this product. Checking out product reviews online also gives a good idea of a product. To enjoy your favorite music while you are traveling in your car, a pair of noise canceling earphones is a must. Once you have it you will not settle for anything less. This is from my personal experience. I will vouch for Bose and Shure.

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