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Noise Canceling Earbuds- Providing You with A Rich Audio Experience

noise cancelling earbuds

Providing you with the best sound experience, noise canceling earbuds have the unique ability to preclude the unnecessary noise of your surroundings. Although there is a lot of science behind their working and construction. However, to be short and precise, it generates a signal from its two microphones known as “anti-noise”. This specific signal cancels out the uproars of the surrounding environment. A passenger can enjoy a sound journey by listening music through these types of headphones during his/her trip.


Like all other products, this one also has some flaws. The first thing is that it’s expensive. However, this should not be said as a flaw because if you’re expecting for quality, then it would obviously be costly. Second thing, it consumes power i.e. without power, it would function like a mere headphone. In order to eliminate unnecessary voices, it reduces the actual audio quality.

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A lot of companies are proposing this wonderful facility and have kept their promise to work out these flaws. Few of them are mentioned for your reference.


shure se425It has long been thought that having bigger headphones is better when compared to smaller ones. The belief has been that a larger headphone isolates and covers the ear, letting it experience sound more full. The Shure SE425-V Noise canceling earbuds are on the vanguard of a new school of thought. Tiny is actually better. Shure has found a way to cram dual-driver speakers into small earphones that isolate the listener from almost all background noise. If you don’t mind looking like a secret agent and you are ready to spend more on your earphones than you spent on your MP3 player, the Shure  SE425-V earphones will not disappoint you. With the Shure SE425-V’s you really do get what you pay for.



Even though the Shure SE425-V’s earphones are bigger than other earphone-style headphones, they are still quite small. The cord which is detachable comes with formable wire which enables easy replacements and secure, comfortable fit. A bendable stiffening material is added to the section of cable that runs behind the ears, allowing the listener to loop the cables over and behind the ears. The gold plated, 3.5mm input connector has a low profile elbow bend to help minimize accidental unplugging and snags. Shure includes a detachable inline volume that controls volume without the need to mess around with your player or listening source. The attenuator does seem a little larger than it needed to be and because it is not built into the SE425-V cord.
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In order to match the earphones to ears of all different shapes and sizes, the SE425-V earphones come with a number of earplug sleeves packaged in what Shure calls a “fit kit”. The earphones remained comfortable after extended use, especially with the foam sleeves. Listeners with especially small ears may want to give the SE425-V’s a trial run; they are somewhat larger than the other, more affordable earphones in Shure’s “SE” line.
shure replaceble cable

Product Features:

  • Sound Isolating in-ear design – Hear only what you want to hear.
  • Portable and lightweight design.
  • Personal fit kit to contour to your ear size.
  • Dual high-energy micro in-ear speakers.
  • Personal monitor technology to enhance a studio quality listening experience.


Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Shure.
  • Model: SE425-V.
  • Headphones Form Factor: Ear-bud.
  • Headphones Technology: Binaural.



  • These earphones have punch. You can hear the base.
  • Wide selection of ear fittings.
  • Comes with Shure’s warranty.
  • The sound is excellent.
  • These look good, the clear plastic is nearly invisible.
  • Simple, compact design.
  • Designed for compatibility with most ears.
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Shure SE535

shure 535Are you as passionate about audio as the musicians that use Shure microphones? Then you deserve the legendary performance of Shure SE535 Sound Isolating earphones. Shure has been a leader in the professional audio industry for over 80 years. Shure noise canceling earbuds are not like headphones that feature noise canceling earbuds technology. For music listeners that are seeking maximum audio fidelity, the differences are key. Noise cancellation technology uses active circuitry to counteract background noise, which can introduce artifacts into your audio.


The Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones comfortably fill the ear canal and naturally block most background noise for a clear, detailed listening experience — without the need to listen to high volumes which could risk damaging your hearing.


Product Features:

  • Triple speakers for sound that rivals live performance.
  • Triple TruAcoustic MicroSpeakers: Dedicated Tweeter and Dual Woofers.
  • Sound Isolation Technology reduces background noise better than noise-cancelling headphones, without batteries or added hiss.
  • Premium Fit Kit including a selection of interchangeable sleeves for personalized, comfortable fit; 3′ extension cable; 9″ cable; premium carrying case; volume control; ¼” adapter; airline adapter.
  • Modular Cable Design lets users choose different cable lengths to suit different music player locations (armband, pocket etc.)

Technical Details:

  • Speaker Type: Triple TruAcoustic MicroSpeakers – dedicated tweeter and dual woofers.
  • Sensitivity (1mW): 119 dB SPL/mW.
  • Impedance (1kHz): 36 Ohms.
  • Frequency Range: 18Hz – 19kHz.
  • Deluxe Fit Kit: (3) pairs black foam sleeves (S, M, L); (3) pairs soft flex sleeves (S, M, L); (1) pair triple flange sleeves; 3′ extension cable; 9″ cable; premium carrying case; volume control; 1/4″ adapter; airline adapter.
  • Cable Length: 18 in / 45 cm (54 in / 136 cm with extension)


Here is a break down of how the Shure SE535 noise canceling earbuds handle every frequency:


The bass sounds very natural, tight, deep, and punchy. It does not sound like the big boomy bass that you often in cheap car speakers. Tamed bass which blends in perfectly with the music.



The vocal comes to life as if the singer is right there in your head. The guitars sound so life like.



The treble has a more natural approach to give you a life like treble experience. The detail is all in there as well as the extension. The treble compliments the midrange and makes for a smooth and luscious sound most earphones just can’t reproduce without sounding harsh and unnatural.



When plugged into a super high-end source it sounds amazingly wide and open. The instruments and vocals will surround you with a wall of music.


The Good:

  • Very nice stylish look.
  • Feels very durable.
  • The Shure SE535’s have stunning sound quality.
  • Comes with many accessories.
  • Backed by Shure’s warranty period.
  • Has a very natural sound.
  • No listening fatigue.
  • Great noise isolation.

The Bad:

  • Portable devices do not really show the true capabilities of these earphones.
  • The treble has a slight roll off.
  • Not completely neutral and true to the source.
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shure se315The Shure SE315 Noise canceling earbuds are very impressive. In fact, the entire E series is impressive, which is why Shure did not change its blueprint when it created its new Sound Isolating line, the SE series. The latest in Shure’s earphone collection offers new sound and an overall improved design.

When you first look at the Shure SE315s you might not notice the design tweaks that Shure has made to the SE line. When you look a little closer you will notice that the earpiece is more curved than that of the E series. Also, the material is slightly different, which gives you a more tactile feel. These SE315s come in two different colors – black or white. The white model is more silver than white. These are subtle changes but very welcome.


The Shure SE315 Earphones also comes with a new modular cable. The main Y cable is 18 inches long which is long enough for listeners who like to carry their MP3 players in their shirt pocket or clip it to their jeans. The Shure SE315’s also come with a 37-inch cable extension. The SE315’s Deluxe Fit Kit comes with a sturdy canvas case, a wax guard for cleaning the earpieces, several ear tips: one triple flange, three sizes of soft flex, and three sizes of foam. These are built for an easier fit, coated for easier cleaning, and black rather than yellow.

Product Features:

  • Sound isolation technology blocks background noise for an ultimate listening experience
  • Modular design allows for the use of variable cable lengths and the ability to add optional inline accessories such as the Push-To-Hear.
  • The Shure SE315 earphones sound terrific and the durable cable features a modular design that accommodates two different lengths for wear. All of the different ear tips ensure that you can create an effective seal within the ear, letting you block out ambient noise and listen to your music at a lower volume which will protect your hearing.

The Pros:

  • Very comfortable.
  • Great sound isolation.
  • Decent sound quality.
  • The foam plugs are very comfortable.
  • Delicate, balanced bass.
  • The detailed upper end.


The Cons:

  • The SE315’s requires getting used to it.
  • These earphones are expensive.
  • Some listeners might find the earplug-like fit uncomfortable.
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Shure SE112

SE112The Shure SE112 Sound Isolating Earphones are designed for music lovers who want to upgrade their earphones that come with their music players. The compact SE112 earphones are the perfect introduction to the awesome performance of Shure earphones. The Shure SE112 has been tested by pro musicians and has been perfected by Shure engineers. The compact SE112 delivers a full, lifelike listening experience that is free from outside noise. These earphones are developed for the true music lover, balanced micro-speakers deliver optimized audio for a clear and detailed listening experience.


Now you will be able to rediscover your favorite music, richer and more lifelike than you have ever heard before. The sound isolating sleeves are not only comfortable but they also block out ambient noise. Combined with its compact design and a modular cable, interruptions from the outside world are minimized, enabling you to focus on your music.


Product Features:

  • Modular cable design provides you with flexible wearing options and accessory integration with the Music Phone Adapter.
  • Personal sleeve Fit Kit allows you to find a comfortable fit and keep the earphones stable during physical activity.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty with proof of purchase.
  • Audio Output Connections: 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.

Technical Details:
Cord: Cable Length/with Extension: 45cm/136cm

Driver Unit: Balanced MicroSpeaker

Frequency Response: 25Hz – 17kHz

Impedance: 16 Ohms

Sensitivity: 105 dB SPL/mW


The Good:

  • Rich sound.
  • Effective Isolation.
  • Good price for the value.
  • Huge variety of different ear tips.


The Bad:

  • Unbalanced sound.
  • Does not fit all ears.
  • Lacks dimension.


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Shure SE215-K

The Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones are absolutely amazing. The Shure SE215-K makes good use of the single dynamic MicroDriver, The driver is dedicated to the dual woofers and the tweeter to bring you the best listening experience you could ever imagine. These earphones are integrated with detachable cables with formable wires that will make sure that the high and low frequencies will remain distinct and defined.


The bass is very robust followed by precision highs. Also, the Shure SE215-K earphones come with sound isolating sleeves that will block out over 90% of ambient noise and provide you with a custom fit. These earphones come with an ergonomic design and modular cable options, that will help to ensure that disruptions from the outside world are kept to a minimum so you can enjoy listening to your favorite music.

Shure’s SE215-K also come with a premium fit kit that comes with everything you will need to get the most out of your new earphones. This kit comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large of both the black foam sleeves, flex, and a pair of universal-fit triple-flange sleeves. Then you will be able to try different ones until you find the best fit for your ears, which will also provide a good seal for bass response and optimized sound isolation.

These earphones also come with a cable that you can detach which enables unmatched personal customization. The two cables that are included will give you the option to choose between the two set of cables, so you can customize your experience depending on your activity and application.

Product Features:

  • The MicroSpeakers allow for crystal clear clarity.
  • Premium Accessory Kit that comes with sound-isolating sleeves, 3-foot cable, 1/4 inch adapter, carrying case.
  • Road tested by professional musicians and fine tuned by Shure engineers.
  • Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

The Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones is great for:

  • For someone who wants to wear very comfortable earphones.
  • For someone who wants the best noise canceling earbuds that money can buy.

This is why the Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones are worth buying:

  • The build quality is exceptional.
  • Thicker cords than any other headphones/earphones you have ever bought.
  • The earpieces fit snugly and block almost all outside noises.

The Pros:

  • The sound quality is excellent.
  • SE215-K comfortable for long periods of time.
  • One of these modular cables has a built-in volume control, handy for when your device doesn’t have a volume control.

The Cons:

  • Complicated wires but manageable.
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Logitech Ultimate Ears 600vi

These Ultimate Ears Super FI 5 Pro have dual drivers for highs and lows. Great strong low ends, might give you a skewed reference since most earphones do not have the best low ends. These earphones are perfect for listening to any type of music. Ultimate Ears are made to deliver the best sound and fit possible. Logitech Ultimate Ears 600vi is the work of years of refining, testing, and designing. They also bring the best listening experience to every pair of earphones made.

The original sound of Ultimate Ears earphones has been perfected to be quite impressive. You will enjoy a soft, snug seal perfect for noise isolation and long wearing comfort. Logitech Ultimate Ears 600vi will bring your music to life with very deep bass and truly bold sound. With Ultimate Ears, Logitech 600vi earphones music comes to life. The individually tuned, dual armature speakers and patented dual-bore sound channel design delivers low distortion and deep bass at the highest volume levels.



Let’s take a look at all of the earphones features.

  • Dual Drivers for wide frequency response and efficient performance.
  • Professional Quality Sound.
  • Noise Isolating Design attenuates outside noise by an amazing 26db.
  • Comfortable and Secure Ear Loops.
  • Includes Universal Fit kit and a protective metallic travel case to store earphones.
  • The shapeable cord can be worn over the ear for a secure customized fit, like professional monitors.
  • Comply foam ear cushions provide maximum comfort and noise isolation. Available only on Ultimate Ears premium earphone models.
  • Includes small, medium and large silicone ear cushions to comfortably fit all ear sizes.
  • Metallic black earphone color with black cord delivers a seriously professional attitude
  • The broad frequency range of 20Hz – 20kHz delivers clean, clear mid and high tones.
  • Exclusive Immersion sound signature is tuned to provide a 3-D sound stage that makes you feel as though you are experiencing the quality, energy, and emotion of a live performance.
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