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Check this list of awesome outdoor JBL Bluetooth speakers. We are going to see the different features they have to offer, then compare the difference in each of the Bluetooth speakers. With the awesome technology used to make and craft these speakers, you will surely appreciate. The comparison will make you as a customer to settle on that which suits you.

JBL Charge 3

JBL Charge 3jbl speakerThe brand new charge 3 is one of the latest of the Bluetooth speakers. Comes with a classy package. Inside the package, you will get the charge 3 speakers, USB charger, information manual and a warranty note.

The charge 3 weighs about 800g which makes it a nice portable speaker. On the physical features, the speaker is covered with a rugged durable fabric which replaced the all-aluminum grill. The presence of the shiny passive bass radiators on the side also makes it look good. The radiators move and shake while the bass sound is pumped through.

With more improvement from the previous version, JBL charge 3 is IPX7 certified making it water and splash proof. You can deep the charge 3 to a depth of 1 meter for 30minutes and it still works well. After examining most of the speakers they are splash proof and cannot be submerged in water. The speaker can also float on water.

The control part comes with a power button, volume up and down button, play/pause button and the Bluetooth pairing button. There is also a JBL connect button where one can connect more than one speaker. You can pair it with another JBL speaker like the charge 3 with the JBL Xtreme.

Battery life

The charge 3 can last up to 20hrs of use. There are 5 bright lights which indicate battery level. You can charge the battery through the USB port below the speaker. The charge 3 also allows one to charge your own phone acting like a power bank.
Sound; these speaker gives out crystal clear sounds and good bass response. Offers loud sound which is mostly preferred for outdoor listening. Good sound in both the high and mid volumes. One can also use an AUX cable if you do not want to use Bluetooth connectivity.

  •  The speaker does not come with NFC pairing.
  •  Does not offer 360 degrees sound coverage since the speakers are only placed at the front part.


JBL Charge 2+

JBL Charge 2+With the awesome packaging comes with the charge 2+, charging USB cable, and the operation manual. You can as well get the portable hard carrying case. Compared to the charge 3, the charge 2+ weighs 2.2 pounds. The speaker comes in a durable and firm frame and plastic. It also has 2 nice bass radiators on both ends.

With this type of speaker, the charge 2+ is splash proof. As per the charge 3 where you can fully submerge the speaker into the water, the charge 2+ is only splash proof and cannot be submerged into water.

On the top part are the control buttons; power button, volume buttons, Bluetooth pairing button, call button and the social connect button. There is also the battery life indicators as well. The social connect button allows you to connect up to 3 music source to the same charge 2+. And by that, you can listen to everyone’s favorite tunes.

Well, the built-in rechargeable battery offers 12 hours of playtime and can also charge out devices via the charge out USB port. The battery indicators show up the battery juice left.
In conclusion, the charge 2+ sounds great with crystal clear and more pronounced vocals and sweet bass response. Offers decent bass at the low end.

  •  Does not support NFC.
  •  The inbuilt microphone sounds a bit far when answering a call.


JBL Flip 4

JBL Flip 4To start with the package,  it comes with some cool graphics embedded at the top part advertising the Flip 4. Inside the box, you get the speaker and the USB charging cable as well.

The speaker weighs about 515grams making it fit for portability and outdoor activities. The also makes it a little bit smaller than the charge 3. The speaker is well covered with the rigid fabric and aluminum.

The Flip 4 is IPX7 certified making it fully submergible in water. It can be submerged in water for up to 1meter for 30 minutes. On the other hand, the charge 3 can float on water while the flip 4 does not.

Apart from the normal power, Bluetooth and volume buttons the Flip 4 JBL connect plus button only allows you to pair with one JBL speaker. Other JBL speakers like the charge 3 allow you to connect to over 100 JBL speakers. With the plus model, you cannot pair with other JBL speaker unless it is a Flip 4. Bluetooth connectivity is perfect.

The battery life of the Flip 4 lasts up to 12hours. You can charge the battery with the USB provided. This speaker does not have a charge out port making it not to function as a power bank.

With the Flip 4 size, the sound is not that strong to fit a large room but the sound quality offered by the speaker is absolutely perfect. Good for personal entertainment characterized by good bass and non-interrupted vocals.


JBL Flip 3

JBL Flip 3his Bluetooth speaker, the JBL Flip 3 comes with a nice smooth packaging which contains the Flip 3 speaker, USB charging cable, and small instruction guide. The Flip 3 physical features are well shown with the size, it is small enough to fill the palm of your hand or your small bag. The exterior is covered with a rigid aluminum grid for durability. Both ends of the speaker are covered with rubber grips material to help it stand upright.

Like most of the JBL speakers, the Flip 3 is splash or rain proof. This means it is IPX 5 certified. With the normal Bluetooth speakers buttons, this speaker also has a JBL-connect feature which allows you to link to other JBL Bluetooth speakers. At the top of the speaker, there is also a battery indicator which shows you the amount of charge left. There is also a charging port and a 3.5mm port for physically connecting to your phone as well.

Battery life of the JBL Flip 3 is claimed to last up to 10hours. The only thing missing in the package regarding battery is the AC adapter for charging the speaker.

With the bass radiators on both side of the speaker, the speaker provides a soothing sound. For pop, hip hop and some rock lovers this is the speaker for you. The speaker offers a room filling sound. Due to its small size, the bass is not that heavy. The speaker’s mids offers very distinct and bright vocals.

The speaker does not offer NFC connect.



JBL Flip 2

JBL Flip 2With a weight of 12.8 ounces, the JBL Flip 2 comes with a well designed tough aluminum grid mesh. In the Flip 2 package, you will get the speaker, speaker casing, charging USB cable, AC adapter and a small user manual. The flip 2 comes in different colors; red, black, blue, yellow and white.

The simplicity of the Flip 2 Speaker is well shown by the control buttons. The controls are well placed on one side of the speaker. On the other side of the speaker, there is an NFC pairing. Apart from connecting the speaker with Bluetooth, you can pair it with NFC as well. These are only available to the NFC-enabled phones. In addition to that, at the bottom part, we have the micro-USB port for charging and a 3.5mm port for manual connection to your phone.

For a speaker like this, the sound quality is truly loud for its size. Produce room filling sound with good quality bass and well-defined vocals. With JBL noise-cancelation mechanism it is able to lower voice call background noise to its minimum. The speaker comes with 2 40mm drivers for powerful sound.

Regarding battery life of the Flip 2 Speaker, it is estimated to last up to 5 hours of playtime. Charging the unit is simply nice and easy.



JBL XtremeThis speaker comes with a classy package. In the package you will get the Xtreme speaker, charging adapter, carrying strap and operator’s manual. The JBL Xtreme is a little bit bigger than other JBL Bluetooth speakers. Due to its size, the speakers weighs 2.1kg. Since the JBL speaker may sound heavier and hard to carry, the carrying strap provided allows easy over the shoulder carrying.

The big size comes with big radiators on both ends where you can see the bass. The top part is the control buttons which include the power button. Bluetooth pairing button, volume up and down, JBL connect and the play/pause button. The JBL connect feature allows you to connect more JBL Bluetooth speakers while playing from the same source. These offer more room filling music or if you want to play the music in different rooms. The material all around is stiff and durable.

With the built quality, the Xtreme is splash or rain proof. Since it is IPX5 certified, it is only splash proof so you cannot submerge it into the water. You can clean it using tap water as well.

Another essential feature is the JBL Xtreme’s battery. With the 10,000mAh battery, it can go up to 15hours of playtime and even more. You can charge the battery to full charge for only 3.5hours. The battery also acts as a power bank with a 2 USB charge out port where you can two smartphones at once.

The sound produced by the Xtreme is very fulfilling. It has a richer and deeper bass response. Good mids and high but not that perfect compared with the Flip version. This is because, at its extreme, the sound is very faint and minute.

  •  No NFC connect.
  •  Calling voice fades and echo as the distance from the speaker and the person is increased.


JBL Clip 2

Clip 2The release of the Clip 2 comes with a simple packaging which only contains the clip 2 speaker and a USB charging cable. The speaker measures about 5.5inches across, covered with a ragged fabric on the top. The rest of the clip 2 is made up of plastic which is wrapped with slight silicon for good grip.

There is a clipping top where you can clip it to your bike or bag and anywhere you would like to clip it. One of the greatest thing about the clip 2 is that it is IPX7 certified, by this, you can fully submerge the speaker to a depth of 1meter for at least 30 minutes. With it fully submerged you don’t have to worry about it will still offer good performance. Just like the charge 3 the clip 2 also floats on water so you don’t have to worry if it falls into water or lake.

With the clip 2 controls, on the left side of the speaker you get the volume up and down button, phone button where you can answer your phone calls and use it just like the speaker phone. On the right, you get the power button and the Bluetooth connect button. On the right side, you also get the micro USB charging port.

Battery life

The clip 2 speaker claims up to 8 hours of listening. But the difference in battery life and playtime is determined by the volume one uses. To charge the JBL Clip 2 can take about 2 hours to full charge.

The speaker also is integrated with a 3.5mm jack which you can connect it to your phone if you do not need to use Bluetooth. For Bluetooth connectivity, the clip 2 wireless range is perfect. You can also connect one clip 2 speakers to another clip 2 speakers for more room fulfillment music.

The clip 2 is much of a personal Bluetooth speaker. For its size, the sound output does not fill up a room like the flip 3 since the clip 2 only has a single 40mm driver. But the clip 2 is loud for its price. Also, the bass is of good quality, it is clear and not distorted. The midrange is also clear with pronounced lows and mids.


JBL Trip- Visor Mount

JBL tripThis is another small JBL Bluetooth speaker which comes wrapped in a classy package as they always do. Inside the package are the Trip, USB charger, and the mounting metal clip. This speaker is mostly used in cars as hand free call speaker phone. It can as well be used as a portable Bluetooth speaker throughout your house. With a dimension of 5 inches long it weighs 7.5 ounces. The top is covered with a hard mesh plastic that does not bend. At the back of the speaker, there are 2 metal magnets that you attach the mounting clip.

The control buttons are touch sensitive and are very responsive. As a car speaker, you can easily clip the speaker to your car sun visor. When used as a speakerphone, when making a call there is sound cancellation but at a far distance, the other person can say you are far away.

As a portable speaker, the JBL Trip is loud for a small speaker. It can easily fill small rooms like a medium sized room. The sound quality of the music is very clear and when at high volume it does not distort. However, when playing music with bass, the bass is non-existence but when playing music like pop the music pretty clear. Being a visor kind of speaker, overall the speaker works very well as a Bluetooth speaker.

The JBL Trip is small making it portable and usable almost anywhere. It also recharges via many USB cables. The battery life is estimated to last up to 20hrs. There is also a battery LED indicator to indicate battery life.


JBL Pulse 2

JBL pulse 2With a wireless Bluetooth streaming, a 6000mAH rechargeable battery, light show and a speakerphone, you get yourself a JBL Pulse 2. The speaker comes well packed in a neat package containing the pulse 2 speaker, AC USB adapter, USB cable and the normal user guide.

For a 775grams speaker, it is covered with a tough solid grill that protects the LED engraved inside. The grill does not cover the whole speaker since there is a control panel left at one part. The control side features a power button, Bluetooth pairing button, pattern switch, volume buttons, JBL connect and play/pause button. You can connect the Pulse 2 speaker with other specific JBL speakers.

According to JBL, the speaker’s battery can last up to 10hours of use. You cannot use this speaker as a power bank since there is no charge out port. There are 5 LED battery level indicators. The speaker is splash or rain proof making the charging and the audio in port tightly sealed. The speaker is not waterproof so you are not allowed to fully submerge it into the water.


JBL pulseMost people out there mainly purchase the Pulse 2 because of the LED lights. Well, the pulse LED lights can be on all the time or you can turn it off by holding the light function button. You can change different LED pattern setting by using the same button. You can as well control the pattern of the LED by downloading the pulse 2 app. There is also a nice way you can set the color according to the environment, this is achieved by the JBL Prism color sensor lens. The lens scans any color and displays it into the LED. Volume amount is also indicated by the lights.

The speakers sound elevates your music to another dimension. The Pulse 2 offers sensation sound with an interactive light show. The stereo sound is characterized by good bass outputs and pronounced vocals. You can hear the bass when the speaker is placed in a room but the bass becomes less when in outdoor activities. The midrange is clear with great sound and clear highs.

The connectivity of the speaker is brilliant. The range covered from the speaker to the connected device is fair enough. Being a speaker phone, you can take your calls from your speaker with a touch of a button. The speaker phone is crystal clear thanks to the noise and echo cancellation mechanism.



JBL GOWith the small size of the GO speaker, the speaker is very decent and simple of its kind. The speaker top features the control buttons. The making of the speaker is durable since it has a tough plastic covering with the driver covered with an aluminum grid. The speaker is not splash-resistant or waterproof.

Control buttons are well placed at the top part of the speaker.  It has the power button, Bluetooth connects button, volume up and down and finally the answer call button.The speaker answer button also has some of the functionality which other JBL speakers have, that is, double tap to skip; triple tap to invite one tap to pause. With the other side of the speaker, we have the charge in port and the auxiliary in port.

The speaker does not have the 5 battery indicators but it has a LED light which flashes solid red when in low battery. With its size, it has one 40mm driver which offers a good personal listening sound.  Good sound quality compared to the small sized speaker. It has good vocals output.

For a cheap Bluetooth speaker I think this is the speaker to buy.



Item/specs Battery Play time Item Weight Water/Splash Proof BUY
Charge 3 20hrs 1.76 lbs Water proof  
Charge 2+ 12hrs 2.3lbs Splash proof  
Flip 4 12hrs 1.78lbs Water proof  
Flip 3 10hrs 1.55lbs Splash proof  
Flip 2 5hrs 1.61lbs Splash proof  
Xtreme 15hrs 4.6lbs Splash proof  
Clip 2 8hrs 6.6 ounce Water proof  
JBL Trip 20hrs 4.95 ounce N/A  
Pulse 2 10hrs 1.71lbs Splash proof  

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