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Many people prefer a certain type of earphones from different kind of manufactures. I just decided to pick the best 7 according to my view. The main thing most people will consider when choosing the right pair of earphones is sound quality. In addition to that, I also check on some other features.

Does the earphone really stick well to the ear? Is it wireless? These are some of the questions one would like to know. In this situation, I have tried to share some of the good features in different earphones one would consider before purchasing it.


Anlo heaphonesAnlo Bluetooth earphone uses the latest technology of 4.1. And because of this technology, this wireless earphone is able to pair with other Bluetooth enabled devices faster.

It has very outstanding features that will make you prefer this earphone. They include


Dynamic Sound

Firstly the Noise Cancellation Technology (CVC 6.0) helps to filter out the surrounding noise hence making your music sound loud and clear.

It has an extremely deep bass which brings out an incredible sound quality.

The sound clarity will not be lost depending on the distance because it is able to connect to your device up to 33 feet away.


In terms of comfort, these earphones are designed to provide a comfortable listening experience, because of its ear hooks that will enable the earphones to fit in the ear canal without falling off easily.

It comes with additional pairs of ear buds just in case you lose one ear bud. It has different sizes to suit all ears.

The incredible neckband is designed in such a way that the wires will not disturb you when doing other errands.

This earphone has taken control of skin friction because it has a soft smooth silicone gel surface which helps to reduce the friction.


This Bluetooth earphone has an antenna that helps to improve the signal strength hence making your music smooth without any noise or breaks.

The inline microphone gives you the freedom to control your music list and also to answer your calls.

“I would recommend these earphones to you because they have a good connectivity, they are easy to use and best of all an inbuilt control that helps you change the volume, change tracks and answer a phone call.”



RHA earphonesRHA uses a handmade dynamic driver 770.1 model that offers powerful audio and a high audio reproduction for all types of music. This earphone is only used by the T10 model.

Design and build

RHA T10i earphone has a three-button remote that facilitates answering calls and also changing the volume when listening to music. It has a microphone that enables clear and audible conversations during the phone call.

This device is designed with three pairs of turning filters which are: – bass filters for the lower frequency, treble filters for the upper frequency and silver reference filters for a neutral sound.

Despite the fact that it’s made of steel it has a light weight to enable portability.

Sound quality

RHA T10i produces a strong sound and it also has the ability to communicate dynamic shifts with the listener.

This earphone has a good isolation where one cannot hear external sounds when listening to music.

The three acoustic filter allows you to tune the audio according to you own preference. The neutral filter actually gives an all-around listener the best listening experience because it has a clear sound.


RHA T10i is actually one of the weightiest pairs of earphones.

It has a moldable over-ear hook and cables looped behind the ears to keep the earphones in place hence they won’t be affected by the weight of gravity pulling them away from your ear canal.

When it comes to comfort and secure fit RHA T10i has three silicone tips that come with different sizes and two pairs of each where one will be for spare in case you lose one pair.

Looking for earphones with double sound experience? RHA 10i is the only option for you.”


BOSE QUIETCOMFORT 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling

Bose EarphonesThe Quiet Comfort 20 is an in-ear phone that comes in two versions:

  1. Standard QC20 is for non-Apple products.
  2. QC20i is designed for Apple products.

The QC20s fit perfectly in your ears and are very comfortable to wear. They weigh 1.5 ounces and that makes them very travel-friendly.

The earphone has a TriPort design with two microphones. It has an active noise cancellation that is countered by a mirror sound wave that allows you to enjoy your music in peace.

The QC20s comes in three flexible ear tips sizes, each of which has wings to hold itself against the cup of the outer ear. The largest ear tip offers a good fit, which helps with the noise isolation and makes the noise cancellation a bit more effective.

The lithium ion battery pack is rechargeable and has a 16-hour battery life.


  • Acoustic Noise canceling technology: This helps to minimize external sounds for clear, uninterrupted audio. This lets you hear your surroundings without removing the headphones. 
  • In-line microphone and remote: Enables easy switching between calls and music.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery Provides reliable operation on a full charge. You can still enjoy music with quality sound when the power is off or the battery runs out.


At the joint of the Y-cable leading to the left and right earbuds, there is a small remote for controlling volume.

That one also has the microphone for making phone calls and a switch.

Once engaged, it significantly reduces the noise cancellation, so you cannot hear the outside world.



Shure EarphonesShure SE215-K is an earphone with comfortable sound-isolating sleeves that come up with multiple sizes that help to provide 37dB of isolation. This earphone is characterized mainly to deliver an enhanced bass sound.


Shure SE215 is designed with a detachable cable that allows easy replacement, secure placement, and over-the-ear configuration keeps cables out of the way.

The Gold plated connector allows 360⁰ rotation. It is enhanced with a variety of interchangeable tips that are of three sizes: – small, medium and large to suit the different types of ear canals.

The translucent plastic part that exists outside the ear canal helps the earphones rest comfortably in the outer ear while the ear piece is inside your ear.

These earphones are lightweight and shaped at an angle designed to rest comfortably in the ear because a perfect fit helps the listener achieve the best sound quality.

Because earphones are mostly used for the outdoor errands Shure SE215 has provided a carrying case that is convenient to store your earphones when you wish to travel with them.

Sound Quality

Shure SE215 known to deliver an enhanced bass sound. The overall sound signature for Shure SE215 is neutral.

With the help of the sound isolating sleeves, these earphones are able to block noise from the surrounding environment and hence giving the listener an awesome listening experience.

These earphones are able to achieve excellent noise isolation because of the slip inside the ear perfectly.

“If you are looking for a bass and good sound isolation then Shure SE215 will suit your preference.”



Sony EarphonesSony MDR-XB90EX earphones are made with a unique angled duct design, large & powerful 16mm XB drivers to add extra bass and allow you to hear from a high range.

They are very comfortable and they do not fall out of your ears this is due to the vertical in-ear construction of the device that makes them comfortable even for long listening sessions.

The device has a serrated, tangle-free cord with tiny grooves on the surface to prevent tangling. When you plug the ear buds into your ears, the Advanced Direct Vibe Structure of the earphones creates an acoustic sound seal around your ears, which maximizes sound insulation.

This device has some fantastic features;

  • Fit (Isolation): They have a lightweight design which helps in keeping a proper fit. Keep in mind that a tight seal is very important for hearing the bass with any ear buds. Hence, with tight fitting ear tips enables the passive sound isolation to be good making you enjoy your music in peace.
  • Durability: The build quality of Sony MDR-XB90EX earphones last long enough. You can easily carry them around on your daily errands and throw them in your bag. This device has tangle-free wires that are coated in rubbery plastics and don’t have any major weak points. 
  • Sound: The bass is so clear and precise which makes you feel the mind-blowing, soul-stirring power of Extra Bass hence making your music come alive with a knockout punch.
  • Comfort: This headphone has a comfortable fit with hybrid silicone ear buds.


Mpow Jaws Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Earphone

Beat EarphonesMpow Jaws Bluetooth 4.1 is made with a shark design. This earphone uses a noise-cancelling technology (CVC 6.0) which filters out noise in the surrounding environment.

This technology ensures stereo music sound and strong communication signals guaranteeing you a high-quality phone conversation.The Bluetooth 4.1 technology provides a faster and more stable pairing for the available Bluetooth device. With a distance of 10 meters, one can receive a clear sound from your device.

It has a powerful rechargeable battery with a play time of up to 13 hours and a standby of 350 hours.

It has a weight of only 1.2oz and it is 60% lighter than all another neckband headset in the market, you will actually feel nothing when you wear it on your neck.

Features of Mpow Jaws Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo

  • Sound Quality: Mpow Jaws delivers the best sound quality and a Crystal clear sound.
  • Design: The design is so convenient to put the headset around the neck. And the ear buds can be attached to jaws quite easily because of the magnets on it.
  • Wireless: this device has no hanging wires when using headsets.
  • Easy to pair and works with all Bluetooth-enabled
  • Dual Connection: You can connect 2 devices at once with these headsets.
  • Hands-free: It has a microphone so you can pick phone calls when using these. There is a multi-function key on it to answer/reject/end the call. The right side of headsets vibrates to indicate an incoming

You can check the current price below.



Wireless earphonesThe NuForce BE6i is a fully wireless earphone that has excellent features like durability, good audio quality, and an improved battery life. There are various factors that will drive you to acquire this earphone.

Comfort and Fit

This earphone has a wide range of ear tips with different sizes to enable proper fit. But the set of ear tips I fell in love with are the comply premium ear tips that are made with a memory foam material that blocks out external noises and gives a comfortable fit even for longer hours.

The ear wings attached between each ear piece naturally hold the crease of your inner-ear to keep them in a proper position at all times.

If you wish to take them out of your ears for a short while these earphones can be worn as a necklace, therefore, keeping them out of your way but still they are attached to you.

The ear piece is well sealed to keep them from getting moisture or any dust particles that can distort inner workings. Since most people use them in the outdoor environments.

Sound Quality

These earphones produce a true-to-life sound with great clarity and a deep bass. It has a 10mm driver that provides a wide range of volume that fits well with all genres of music.

Due to the built-in aptX (digital audio data reduction technology) and AAC (advanced audio coding), these earphones are able to keep out unwanted background noises so that you can listen to music without any distractions from the surrounding environment.

“Optoma NuForce BE6i is an outstanding pair of fully wireless earphones that are worth considering”

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