Car Audio: Car Door Speakers with Bass

Before making the move of buying a car audio system read through this tips:
 best subwoofer
Driving your car with your favorite music on is an experience to feel and relish, Car music system must add fuel to our adrenalin rush and make the drive more enjoyable. Car speakers are essential for this. Car speakers of nearly all sizes, type and shape are available in the market. Kenwood car audio systems have been in the car or Vehicle audio Market for more than 25 years and have been providing cutting edge car audio technology to all audio lovers. They offer a wide range of speaker with the varied specification. But the best car speakers with bass are produced by Kickers, as stated by Kicker founder “Bass is what we are all about! It is our specialty”.

Kickers have been popular and they have been producing high-performance car audio systems and other audio products. Kicker has been the best car speakers since 1973.  New STILLWATER Design Solo-Baric L7 Car Subwoofer technology is still the best authority on bass.Car audio
It has been the World’s first patented square subwoofer. It supplies the extra decibels needed for the deep, musical bass in an audio system. This feature makes the audio experience complete.  To enjoy the complete effect of your car audio system and make your ride an absolute fun, the audio system must be perfect. This includes door speakers with bass, a bookshelf speaker, ceiling speakers, etc.


There are few factors to be taken into consideration before buying or choosing an audio system. This will work best in your car. The two main factors are the

  1. Sensitivity
  2. Power Handling.


There are two types of speakers mainly and they are

  1. Full Range speakers
  2. Component speakers

Speaker materials
Materials used in speakers which need to be taken care of are;

  1. Woofer materials
  2. Tweeter Materials
  3. Surround Materials


Additional Features to be noted;

  1. Foam battles are to protect the speakers from moisture, dust and other foreign materials.
  2. Bass blockers improve the efficiency
  3. Dynamite lowers the noise level inside the car.


Common Features to be taken care of;

  1. Pivoting or swiveling tweeters – has a big effect on the sound.
  2. External crossovers – achieves separation between frequencies that are sent to the tweeter and woofer.
  3. Detachable tweeters – this helps in reusing the speaker in another vehicle.

Along with the above features and cutting edge technology, the car audio system must have a unique trendy design as well.


Car Speaker Sizes
Car audio sysytem

How to Measure Speaker System Size.

Choosing car stereo systems is a little more complex than choosing which brand or model to buy. A car owner must first be able to know the measurement of the speaker system that could fit into the car. Buying the latest model, yet it does not fit on the car itself, will become a waste of money, time and effort. The hype then to use the newest enhancement and enjoy the sound it could have produced will be negated by the sheer fact that it does not fit in the car. The end result may be really bad. The best way to do then is to first consult experts that can help out in choosing the right sound system for cars – one that fits your car perfectly and also provides you exactly what you are looking for.

Every company has their own list of standard speaker size. Kenwood car stereo, for instance, has this information that anybody can consult. Knowing this information can give the customer better idea which of the car stereo will fit the car he or she has. After the right size is determined, the rest of the details like the model, the specifications, and other peripherals can then be added or customized based on the taste of the customer. In a sense, the only restriction is the size of the speaker itself.

A speaker sizes guide can also be acquired from any car stereo dealers. They should have this information with them since it is technically one of their arsenals in promoting their products. Having this guide can help a customer right from the start of knowing the speaker size to fit the car. The customer then can avoid the hassle of consulting the dealer yet again. If so ever the wrong size for the speaker was chosen. In a sense, this guide will become the one stop shop to know the size of the speaker to buy.

It must be remembered that the basic step of knowing the right size is a must. The size depends on a lot of things including the car that you have. Also if you’ve had any sort of modifications done to your car.

Getting this step out of the way, and ensuring the right size was determined properly. This can give the customer easier time and thus enjoy the speaker more. It is recommended that you have all these details about your car when you go to buy a speaker, and if possible take your car along so that you can see everything properly.


Surround Sound Speaker
surround sound

The Best Surround Sound Wireless Speakers 

Enjoying music and audio is one thing, enjoying it as if it is surrounding you is a whole different thing and much more exciting. This surround sound experience is most of the time enjoyed only within cinemas. But for a person to achieve this level of sound intensity and clarity within the comfort of a car, it is necessary to tap into the potential of the best surround sound speakers to date.

A few years ago this was a mammoth task as such technology was not available, but things seem to have changed. Now and it is easy to find surround sound speakers in the market. But what most people do not realize is the fact that there are different ranges that a surround system can offer. To fully take advantage of the features of the system, it is necessary to secure 5.1 surround sound speakers rather than those with lower capacity.

It is not about how loud it would produce the audio; it is about how clear it can deliver the sound to the point that even a pin drop is distinguishable. Although it might be argued that these type of speaker may cost more, but what is a few more bucks when what you are aiming for is maximum performance.

Still, even if you have the best speakers, one must know how to utilize them properly. It is then necessary to know the correct surround sound speaker placement. Ideally, the speakers must be strategically placed around a certain room. If that is not possible though, then the placement of the speakers beside each other must be set in a way that each will compliment the performance of the others. People who try to achieve this balance must not worry though. It does not need an expert to create the perfect placement.


Each surround sound speaker system should come with a user manual that will give good step by step procedures that could create an ideal location for the individual units. Of course, sometimes it is also necessary to utilize accessories such as surround sound speaker stands for a perfect placement to happen.
To move it even a further, new technology is now integrated into the speaker systems. For those who are technology buffs, having wireless surround sound speakers is a must. As the name implies, this new innovation takes full advantage of wireless technology. Making it easier to place the speakers in a location where it can work the most. The hassle of tangling wires is no longer an obstacle.

Having any of these surround sound speakers would definitely create a cinematic atmosphere within the car. Learning how to use them and place them properly would certainly create an environment that will replace the longing to go out for entertainment.


Stereo Speaker
car speakers

Wireless Stereo Speaker Reviews 

Choosing the best stereo speaker requires information and knowledge about what is the latest system and what it can do. A buyer then must be adept in the specifications a speaker has in order to avoid buying an obsolete model. Having this information can also prevent being manipulated to buy a speaker system that does not fit the current standards.

Currently, Bluetooth stereo speakers are becoming a trend as the latest innovation in the industry. Using the power of the Bluetooth technology, audio can easily be transferred from the source to the speakers. The source here can also vary greatly than what traditional speakers can offer. Since these are wireless stereo speakers. These car audio are using the Bluetooth technology. Sources of the audio may come from other devices that use the Bluetooth system such as Smartphones, iPods, iPads, laptops, tablet computers or a stereo player. Streaming music then becomes a lot easier.

This technology also works best in home stereo speakers. The owner of the system can avoid the hassle of going back to the location of the player every time he or she wants to change the playlist of the music or audio. The scenario then of being able to change the playlist while being in a certain room and the player may be in another room is now possible. Of course, it must be pointed out that there is a limit to the distance.This can be done depending on the model and power of the speaker system.

Car stereo speakers also have this technology. Although the distance may not be too far, the ability to manipulate what the speakers are playing is no longer limited to the driver or the passenger in the front seat. Passengers in the back seat can then control the speaker system from where they are. Without even leaning forward to change playlist on the player itself. It might sound lazy to do so, but it could not be denied that the convenience it provides is far better than having traditional speaker systems.

Having this type of system then, be it at home or in a car, is a clear innovation in stereos. Having the technology go this far means there are more to look forward to in the future. As of now though, it is best to take advantage of the latest technology. Raise the enjoyment level way higher than before with the best car audio speakers.